As an artist, Leo’s work expresses a raw energy through whatever medium he is using. His work revolves around Theme of personal transformation to the power of language and the words ability to create new realities to live in to. Leo works with whatever medium is most appropriate for the expression of raw energy in the moment. From painting and drawing to writing, freestyle, dance, and sculpture, he sees that all forms of expression influence each other. With a background in calligraphy, and design, Leo is creating works to uplift and inspire action across the world.

Artist Statement: I make art as an invitation to rise to ones highest potential. to be in love with life. My work speaks directly to what it is to be a human in this world.. In my work, viewers are present to a greater sense of what is possible in their own lives through questions or statements that make one consider how they relate in their life. I see the power of language as a creative force that cuts through and speaks directly to people which originally led me to study calligraphy. I work with a variety of mediums from paintings and large scale murals to dancing, writing, and music.

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