Richmark Label  |  Commissioned by Urban Artworks  |  Seattle, WA

Bohemia Yoga  |  Collaboration with Mari Shibuya  |  Seattle, WA

Portal  |  Installation for solo show ‘Foundations’ in Praxis Arts  |  Seattle, WA

Planets  |  Commission for 7 Points Studios  |  Seattle, WA

Tidewater  |  Collaboration with Mari Shibuya and Noah Neighbor  |  Commissioned by Cascadia NW

Discovery  |  Collaboration with Noah Neighbor and Mari Shibuya  |  Seattle, WA

Samara Seed  |  Commission for ARIA Salon  |  Seattle, WA

Atlas Rising  |  Collaboration with Mari Shibuya and Noah Neighbor  |  Seattle, WA

Compass  |  Patio mural for the Octopus Bar  |  Seattle, WA